Most Passionate Automobiles of 2011

Being Valentine’s day, some of us seek to honour those true loves in our lives. Those lucky enough to find their special peer to share this time are given a great gift in humanity.

While automobiles are not human, there are many who associate those same loving emotions to sheetmetal and wheels sensing that an automobile is in essence a living being. Breathing air, requiring food to function and benefiting from proper care, an automobile is believed to return emotions. Spotlighting a few examples, let us examine the rich personality in the 2011 auto industry.

Chevrolet Camaro

Like that old high school crush you have met at a reunion, the Chevrolet Camaro presence was reasserted in 2009 bringing back old memories while wearing modern skin. Seven years away from the showroom sees the newest Camaro launch clearly invigorated. Emotions were strong enough for 129,405 units to be produced in 2010 meeting up with the hearts of eager owners. Showing appreciation to V-6 buyers, the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro performance is bumped up to 312-horsepower. The Camero SS still reigns as a more enchanting yet obtainable experience making drivers fall in love with V-8 power. Including a convertible Camaro and a newly-announced 550-horsepower ZL1 model, look for 2011 and 2012 roads to be livened by the classic, American beauty.

Ford Mustang

Just mentioning the Chevrolet Camaro’s celebrated return, some automotive lovers are still hurting by the jilted feeling the General Motors pony car’s disappearance brought. Looking for a tried and true pony car that his attracted car fans through 47 continuous years, the Ford Mustang remains a fixture of American performance and the very best of the Blue Oval brand. Even when Ford tried to identify themselves with the GT supercar, very pure Mustang fans refused to be tempted by the more untouchable mid-engined car.

Into 2011, the Ford Mustang continues to serve up a broad taste of affectionate models. Starting with a respectable 305 horsepower V-6, the convertible and 5.0 liter V-8 producing up to 412 horsepower provides more alluring eye-candy. Of course, those who are willing to handle a ride like no other Ford Mustang, the Shelby GT500 can be a fun-loving ride a select few can handle.

Ferrari 458 Italia

Whenever Ferrari sports car engineering and Pininfarina styling meet, there is definitely an intensive merging of infectious romance. Bearing many love children since their first collaboration in , the latest offspring between the Italian industrial interests have created the Ferrari 458 Italia. A two-seat supercar possessing under 3.5 second 0 to 60 mile per hour acceleration and a top speed of 202 MPH, a driver behind the wheel of a motioning Ferrari 458 Italia is guaranteed to forget any human passenger.

Thanks to published reports on adhesive failure triggering engine fires, the Ferrari 458 Italia’s reputation as a hot supercar in those incidents is difficult to ignore. Though like only a very special love, the desire to change for the better emerged through summer of 2010 through a fix by Ferrari engineers.

Ford Fiesta

A pint-sized B-Segment vehicle in a land where one would be ruled a misfit, the entrance of the Ford Fiesta has allowed some of us to show remarkable foresight in seeking a mechanical companion. On the United States market for only a short amount of time, the lovely compact vehicle available in smart-looking five-door hatchback and a four-door sedan. Modest in demands but bringing a lot to a relationship as either standard features or reasonably-priced options makes the Ford Fiesta a real charmer.

For a little spice to the relationship, Ford Accessories allows the individual look to a Fiesta shaping beauty in countless combinations.

Toyota Prius

Invoking emotions positive and negative, the Toyota Prius is certainly the most passionate vehicles in the Japanese-based auto company’s lineup. Associated as an electrifying personality, the hybrid powertrain is maintained by this very smart compact car maximizing fuel economy for a longer time together between gas stations. At the 2011 North American Auto Show in Detroit, this gasoline/electric hybrid has shown it still has a lot more love to give. Showing off the already announced, the showcase introduced a Toyota Prius v and a Prius c adjusting to a new group of admirers in the upcoming model years.

Is the before-mentioned the only vehicle worthy of a special connection or love? Of course not. Admitting in the automobiles genre as a less decisive person, I can’t even suggest the one true motoring love of my life. Each one of the vehicles represented an individual attribute sporting beauty, grace, bravery, intelligence and even selflessness to one who expresses compassion for the mechanical being.

Combining passion and playful bashfulness, the Fiat 500 might be the objection of your affection. Maybe a choice crossover or full utility vehicle could be that perfect travel companion bringing as much of the world with you or even trot an intimate escape path.

The consideration for the vehicle of your life, unlike a human relationship, can be a much simpler form of enchantment able to take many shapes and sizes.

Information source: Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Toyota

Photo Source: Chris Nagy, General Motors, Hamann, Toyota

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