Girls & Booth Babes of SEMA 2010 – Photo Gallery

SEMA Booth Babes

What would the annual SEMA Show be without a bunch of beautiful women showing off the new products and cars? A pretty lame SEMA Show, that’s what.

This year’s show was no exception – nearly every other booth had models for the products, some of which were even well-known models, signing posters and magazines, and taking pictures with the gawking men at the show. Seeing as how I’m male, I, of course, was no exception. You won’t find me in any of these pictures though, just the beautiful women of SEMA, second only at the show to the cars (and some would argue with that.)

Below you’ll find a small sample of the SEMA show girls present at the SEMA booths. Why not all of them? I’m only one person! Enjoy:

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  • Soni Sharma

    Really Wow.

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