Honda CR-Z Hot Hybrid Hatch Hustles for SEMA Show: Part 1


After launch of the Honda Insight short-circuited by a bland and underpowered package, the Japanese-based auto company did not waste time in rebooting their approach to hybrid gas/electric vehicles. Drawing off the legend of the CR-X in a dynamic design, the Honda factory installed a modern, powerful hybrid drivetrain to provide what is currently the hippest gasoline/electric car being sold in North America. The 2011 Honda CR-Z radical hatchback appearance immediately promotes an exuberant attitude. Anticipation and desire for the CR-Z has broiled over to a well-prepared aftermarket easily discovering their various sport tuner styling themes with the fun-looking hybrid.

An armada consisting of a dozen modified Honda CR-Zs are attending the 2010 SEMA Show built from Honda’s affiliated companies as well as numerous outside sources. A total of 4 customized Honda CR-Z’s owe their presence in Las Vegas directly to American Honda Motor Co. and Honda Performance Development.

2011 Honda CR-Z MUGEN accessories

A famous name that well-aligns itself with Honda, MUGEN has long been acknowledged in Japanese as the go-to source for the ‘H’ badge. However, while MUGEN is a big tuner staple across the Atlantic, the compact high-performance moniker is rarely seen on North American roads despite savvy tuner fans envying the accessory company’s work.

Available in a limited offering of 300 full kits, the CR-Z MUGEN accessory kit transfers the Honda’s looks to an all-new level. The scarce accessory kit includes a full array of body add-ons to enhance the Honda CR-Z’s look topped off with a custom grille and rear spoiler. All body components will come paint-matched to the factory CR-Z colours for less work through installation. The Honda CR-Z MUGEN accessories rolls on 17-inch “XJ” aluminum wheels shine within an exotic pattern.

The MUGEN special appearance package is completed with a black aluminum gear shift, bilet aluminum oil filler cap and sport floor mats.

2011 Honda CR-Z Honda Genuine Accessories

A mild accentuation of the Honda CR-Z, the creation based on Honda Genuine Accessories may not tickle the most extreme customizers but it his the advantage of wide availability.

Subtle additions with Honda Genuine Accessories edition of the CR-Z hybrid sees the spoilers installed on the front and rear corners with side rocker panel accents. With the side spoiler accents detailed with a carbon fiber pattern on a very resistant polypropylene polymer, the this treatment is used to fashion a rear diffuser assembly. Diamond cut alloy wheels 17 inches in diameter are matched and tested by Honda Custom Wheels to the requirements of the automaker as well as the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Interior modifications are also highlighted within the Honda Genuine Accessories catalog for the CR-Z. An adjustable, padded driver’s armrest is sold and perhaps an ideal comfort item with the six-speed manual version of the Honda CR-Z. Finally, Illuminated door sills are advertised as under $100 and easy to install.

If buyers of the new Honda CR-Z chooses the Honda Genuine Accessories at the dealership, they’ll be protected with a the car’s 3 year/36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty.

2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid R Concept

One of two vehicles supplied by Honda Performance Development (HPD), the CR-Z Hybrid R Concept contains the most advanced style and performance.

Coated with a vivid candy red with specialized white graphics applied along the sides, the CR-Z Hybrid R Concept leaves no shortage of hints to the overall enhancement of the two-door. Given a more prominent front air dam with a slotted air opening near the lip of the hood, aerodynamic tweaking is also found with aggressive side skirts and a massive rear wing.

Through the aerodynamic reworking to get better performance, HPD has added some additional practical strength inside the Honda CR-Z Hybrid R Concept. Fitting a turbocharger to the 1.5 liter inline-4 engine and reworking Honda’s IMA hybrid system, extra muscle comes with a collected 200 horsepower and 175 pounds-feet of torque.

The Honda CR-Z handling is also improved with the Hybrid R Concept through a limited-slip differential and what is drolly called a “circuit-tuned” suspension. Blacked-out racing wheels give more than sufficient cooling to the upgraded braking system.

Created by HPD, Honda has indicated that the CR-Z Hybrid R Concept is not intended for sale. Sorry!

2011 Honda CR-Z Racer

Featuring many of the performance enhancements HPD used to treat the CR-Z Hybrid R Concept, the CR-Z Racer visits SEMA as not a pretender race car intended only to be seen stationary. Two of these HPD-prepped CR-Z hybrids will take part in the 25-hour of Thunderhill endurance race. Set to run at Thunderhill Raceway Park on December 3rd to 5th at Willows, California, the Honda CR-Z seeks to enter the 2011 year with success on and off the track.

Racing graphics and a full roll cage are the distinguishing characteristics of the CR-Z Racer from the other Honda CR-Z vehicles.

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Information and photo source: Honda Motor Company Ltd.

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