Toyota/Scion Stretches out for SEMA Introduction

Showing a kink in their corporate armour with the rash of very public recalls, Toyota has also developed an image as a ‘bread and butter’ car builder. For the 2010 SEMA Show, Toyota and their younger, hipper Scion brand want to spice up their overall presence in the motoring landscape.

Viewed as a party on wheels or the go-between to the party, lavish, long stretch limousines exist as one of the most extreme vehicles seen on roadways. According to TLPA (Taxicab, Limousine and Paratransit Association) there are approximately 45,000 stretched limousines in active service throughout the United States born from the images of luxury sedans and sport utility vehicles. Largely in the North America, domestic automobile companies have furnished the bulk of stretch limo requests with the outgoing Lincoln Town Car being a key workhorse for the industry.

Of the many design concepts being shown by the Japanese-bred auto manufacturer, two vehicles developed provides an interesting solution to the stretched limousine saga.

Toyota Sienna Swagger Wagon Supreme

Technically no larger accepted as a minivan, the Toyota Sienna Swagger Wagon Supreme (built in association to B.A.D. Company) is a ride children would love to be carpooled to school and back. Lengthening a Sienna SE V6 minivan by 44 inches, customized touches are provided through every aspect of the modified body. Shaved door handles on the automatic sliding doors, chrome exhaust tips, rear spoiler and 20 inch KMC chrome wheels inside Nitto tires. The Sienna Swagger Wagon Supreme is covered by a special Blue Swagger Opal paint applied after consultations with users of Facebook.

Embracing the stretched limo concept, the interior of this modified Sienna van amusingly holds true to the family vehicle ideals. Rear seats features custom double-sided cushions providing a suitable pattern for either adult passengers or children. A single captain chair called the “Spa Seat” offers to send an occupier through a stress-relieving regime with multi-function, programmable massage. Cherry veneer cabinetry, Dupont Corian countertop, and a hideaway table enhances the function of the rear passenger compartment. Integrated glass-front refrigerator is built-in the Swagger Wagon’s custom cabinets availing vast entertaining possibilities in the back of this Sienna.

Powered by a HP 23-inch TouchSmart computer, the top-of-the-line entertainment center features a DVD Player and Xbox 360 game console curing almost any boredom occurring within this mobile family lounge area. A production vehicle-inspired JBL Sound System includes 10 speakers, 2 sub-woofers and 1,700 watts produced from 4 amplifiers.

Scion xB All Stretched Out by Cartel

Providing a sport compact look to the limo industry, the Scion xB is elongated by a full four-feet by the team of Cartel. Called project “All Stretched Out” under the direction of Jeremy Lookofsky, the completed product features upgrades throughout the design over the base xB.

The Scion xB All Stretched Out greets with its two-tone paint scheme (Onyx Black combined with a basic red ) over custom metal fabrication and side skirt rocker panels. Handcrafted pinstriping was skillfully laid separating the colour tones of the modified xB body. Situated on a reengineered suspension making use of a Cartel Air Bag setup, the xB All Stretched Out concept rolls on Toyo tires between 20-inch Demoda Aviator wheels.

Sharp non-limousine handling gained through suspension enhancements are maximized with some power gains by the Scion xB All Stretched Out. Adding an AEM air intake, a ACT clutch and STRUP Performance Headers channeled through a straight exhaust welcomes a modest improvement in forward motion.

Opening up an 80-inch wide entrance through rear suicide doors, the xB cabin employs comfort and luxury. A Coach Black Leather J Couch and a custom bar are the primary items found inside. An acrylic headliner and touch activated lighting gives the Scion the feel of the VIP Suite. An Alpine 2,600 Watt Entertainment and Information System pumps enjoyment through a total of 12 speakers.

Both vehicles were definitely meant as a tongue and check expression of Toyota vehicles. The ultimate lesson from the stretched vehicle creations is to open minds to how we can see certain automobiles.

Information and photo source: Toyota Motor Sales USA

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