Ford Interceptor Enters SEMA Show under ‘Stealth’

Earlier this year, law enforcement was first acquainted with one of their potential partners to fighting crime. The Ford Interceptor sedan, expected to go into production late in the 2011 calender year, presents a departure from the popular box-like police cars such as the Chevrolet Caprice and the Ford Crown Victoria. Before the Interceptor Sedan cruises the beat, Ford designers are taking their purpose-built creation to the strip of Las Vegas for a pre-production party at the SEMA Show.

Absent of police insignia and markings, the Ford Interceptor’s appearance at the 2010 SEMA Show comes as a Stealth black concept vehicle. Said to inspired by a historic supersonic reconnaissance aircraft, the SR-71 Blackbird, this custom version of the Ford Interceptor embodies the sleekness and mystery of the popular jet.

Lowered by one inch compared to the traditional Ford Interceptor sedan, the Stealth Interceptor rides on black 8-spoke 22 inch wheels rimmed with chrome. Vented disc braking is revealed between the low-profile tires belted on the concept Interceptor’s performance wheels. Earning its ‘Stealth’ name, emergency lighting is concealed until a traffic stop or pursuit ensues. Behind a beefier front mesh grille, on the side-mounted rears and along the sun visor region of the windshield, the lights flash for immediate attention. Warning lights also flash on a rear spoiler visible from behind.

The theme of deception is continued inside of Ford’s Stealth Interceptor concept car as the interior appears largely like any Ford Motor Company production vehicle. However, in a style almost like a James Bond movie car, valuable law enforcement tools are hidden within the dash and center console of the interior. For example, the on-board computer is set to pop out from an otherwise unmarked location ahead of the police radio.

Unmarked police cruisers is nothing new to the highways of North America as stealth police cars are often an addition to the speed patrol arsenal of law enforcement. Though classified as a stealth sedan, one obvious issue exists in making the Ford Interceptor distinguishable; the Interceptor is not a publicly-sold production vehicle. An unique law enforcement companion, it reasons in the real world that this Stealth Interceptor who be more conspicuous than the older Crown Victorias.

As a mixed blessing to the styling intent of the Stealth Ford Interceptor, the motivation in creating a less visible asset to law enforcement resulted in another stand out awaiting SEMA Show attendees.

Information and photo source: Ford Motor Company

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