New Porsche Model In the Works?

The headline “Porsche Potentially Adding New Model to Lineup” is likely to make enthusiasts and Porsche purists cringe. After the Cayenne and Panamera and recent proclamations of a hybrid for every model line, the thinking is – what’s next?

Well, if you really want to know it is likely to be a new small crossover slotting in below the Cayenne and dubbed Cajun – but, that is another story. You can breathe easy with this news, because it has to do with a new performance variant.

Porsche is on a relentless drive for volume, and that will likely see them adding in new models such as a roadster below the Boxster. However, this potential new model wouldn’t be a downmarket entry, but instead a high-end model to slot in between the 918 Spyder and 911.

The 918 Spyder was shown at the Geneva Auto Show and reported to be approved for production in August. The mid-engined supercar would serve as the successor to the Carrera GT. Right now the spoken-for Porsche 911 GT2 RS serves as the highest-performance Porsche on the road.

The news about an additional model comes straight from Porsche’s CEO Matthias Müller, reported by With the Porsche Panamera platform developed at a high cost, it would make sense to provide a basis for future models. The Panamera platform would serve as a perfect underpinning for such a new front-engined GT.

Speculation has been rampant for quite some time about a revival of the 928 on this platform. Porsche’s goal is to see 150,000 sales per year and it will need to significantly expand its model lineup to see that goal achieved. Could the new model potentially be a new 928?

Another option is a mid-engined entry that isn’t quite in the supercar realm like the 918 Spyder. A new 928 is something we’re interested in. How about a trade – produce the 928, keep the Cajun…..sound fair enough Porsche?

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