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If you own any sort of enthusiast or collector car made more than 10 years ago, you probably have the same problem I do – finding good parts for repair or upgrade. To find parts, we currently have eBay Motors, Craigslist, Amazon, and (probably most helpful,) individual enthusiast forums. But those options are often either too limited, too expensive, or too time consuming.

Auto industry veterans Joe Chirco and Don Wiggins decided it’s time for a change, so they founded Ahwooga.com – a virtual swap meet of car parts, where enthusiasts can buy and sell all sorts of parts for any type of car for fairly low rates. To list parts, you can choose to pay $1 per listing if you don’t have much to sell, or become a member – $25 for 75 listings, all the way to $250 for 5,000 listings. Ahwooga doesn’t charge transaction fees like most of the other commercial options either, just the initial fee to list. Payment and shipping details are left up to the buyer and seller.

The name “Ahwooga,” by the way, is a throwback to Ford’s Model A car horn from the 1920’s. Clever.

I like the idea – a new place to buy and sell car parts. It’s right up my alley, but so far it seems the problem is in getting people to use it. Not that it’s dead – in seven months, there’s over 100,000 parts listed on the site, and it’s still growing fast. But in my experience, many car enthusiasts search mainly forums for their parts and upgrades, since that’s where the specialists are. I hope Ahwooga.com takes off though, I think it’s a great idea that can come in handy when you’re searching for that last trim piece you can’t seem to find anywhere, or that odd sensor that isn’t being made anymore.

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  1. Bendix says:

    Very nice idea. Swapping parts, are new for me, people will like this for sure.

  2. Thermoplastic Elasto says:

    i usually buy my car parts from a local auto parts seller and sometimes they sell those low quality made in china fakes:~:

  3. Doug Koch says:

    Great idea! In time this will become the go to.

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