Win a Copy of Gran Turismo 5 from Subway

Gran Turismo 5 Box Art

Gran Turismo 5 Box ArtI know a lot of you PS3 guys are counting down the days until Gran Turismo 5 is released (which, by the way, is November 2, 2010 for North America.) But if you’re lucky, you might just have a chance at winning one before it’s released.

Subway (the sandwich shop) is giving away a bunch of copies of the game before it’s released to the general public, and you don’t even have to sell your soul to win one. Starting next Tuesday (8/31,) @SubwayFreshBuzz on Twitter will tweet “Fire Drill” link somewhere between 11AM & 3PM Eastern time. Keep on eye on that Twitter feed, click the link, and enter your email address. If you’re one of the first 75 people, you’ll win a free copy. That’s a pretty decent chance, if you happen to not have anything going on that afternoon and can tear yourself away from the Playstation for a few hours.

If you miss the first chance, keep an eye on that Twitter feed again on the next Tuesday (9/7,) and another Fire Drill link will be posted. The first 50 people will win bundles of GT5, ModNation Racers, and Little Big Planet 2.

If you happen to have a job or school and aren’t free at those times, head over to a Subway shop and order a 32 oz drink, a bag of Monterey Jack & Sundried Tomato SunChips, or a breakfast item, and you’ll get a code to enter at frenzy.subwayfreshbuzz. com where you can win a Collectors Edition of GT5, along with a crapload of other prizes. You can also find the codes to enter by following Subway, PlayStation, and SunChips on Facebook and Twitter.

The contest runs until October 17, head over to frenzy.subwayfreshbuzz. com for all the info. Looks like Twitter might be worth something after all.

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