Nissan Releases Four New Commericals – See Them Here


370Z to Maxima

Nissan just developed four new commercials for the lineup, ranging from promoting the Maxima as a four-door sports car to showing off how durable their lineup is, to taking a stab at Toyota’s braking system. Take a look at all four new commercials below:


This is the first commercial and will be airing on Aug. 28 during the ESPN College Football Preview Show.

A celebration of Nissan’s current innovations, including smart phone apps, recycled materials, air purifiers, the Juke – the world’s first Sports Cross – and the 100-percent electric Nissan LEAF.

The rest of these are set to air starting September 1:


A soon-to-be dad transforms his 370Z into a Maxima sports sedan for the arrival of his first child.

Yeah, I do like the new Maxima quite a bit, but I can’t say I’d be too happy if I had to replace my 370Z with it. At least he got away with a Maxima and not a minivan.


A little boy’s toy car collection endures a beating, from dog-chewing to water plunges, but the Nissan Altima remains unscathed – just like in the real world.

Take a lesson from the last video – don’t have any damn kids.


One of the most important safety innovations that Nissan delivers in every new car is its brake override system. This ad shows that a Nissan truly can stop on a dime.

Nissan, along with a few other brands (not Toyota, clearly) had a brake override system in their cars years ago. I had always figured brake override is a common-sense feature that was in all newer cars.

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