Ford exploits Mexican stereotypes, Eric Estrada to market 2011 Fiesta

Jimmy Kimmel Live Ford Fiesta

Happy Cinco De Mayo! We hope you’re having a great time drunkenly patronizing the wait-staff at the local Taqueria with nearly racist remarks and certainly insulting tips. If you’re one of “those gringos” you probably have no idea that Cinco De Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s May 5, 1862 victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla. Hell, you might not even know that “fiesta” is Spanish for “party.” Ford knows, though, and they’re bursting at the burritos to market their new 2011 Fiesta on this most opportune of dates

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” features a Mexican-American sleeping on the job, a dance troupe, an economy car with a Spanish name and the immaculate visage of Eric Estrada. Ford’s press release states this ridiculous amalgam will show “just how much fun Ford’s newest small car can be.” I’m thinking even testicle retrieval surgery could be fun with a dance troupe and Eric Estrada involved.

“We are excited to once again team up with the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ show,” said Connie Fontaine, Ford brand content and alliances manager. “The show was instrumental in helping us reveal the Ford Fiesta last December and now they are throwing a huge party for the Fiesta on Cinco de Mayo.”

If you’ve got time between quesadilla vomit sessions, dig the spectacle tonight. “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” airs at 12:05 a.m. Eastern time. I wouldn’t hold out for any Clarkson-esque handbrake turns in a shopping mall but maybe Estrada will kick out some jams. Here’s a link to a preview of tonight’s skit.

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