New Entry-Level Model Maserati Targeting BMW 5-Series

Oh this should be very, very interesting. Word out of Italy is that Maserati is looking to expand down market, and take on the likes of BMW’s 5 series sedans. Just what does this mean? Does this mean I can have visions of M5 thumping Masers with Ferrari sourced plants under the hood? I sure hope so. Not only because I’m Italian and I’m more than a little tired of BMW’s smugness with the whole performance sedan thing (yeah, let’s see them make a full blown two seater that can keep up with a Ferrari), but also because I’d like to see what an Italian sports sedan could do if you were to fully uncork it.

The Fiat Group, owners of Maser, recently revealed the Italian auto giant’s future plans for the Maserati brand. These plans include the presentation of a new and as yet unnamed entry-level model as well as a replacement for its flagship big sedan, the ever-so continentally named Quattroporte. The announcement was made recently during the presentation of Fiat’s 2010-2014 Business Plan that was given to financial analysts and institutional investors in the company’s hometown of Turin.

According to the Italian automaker, the new Maserati entry level model will carry a price tag under €55,000 (about US$74,000 at today’s exchange rates). I guess if you’re buying a Maser, about US$74,000 is what counts as being “entry level”. Oh to have such concerns. Said smaller Maserati will be situated in the upper-end of what’s known as the E-Segment. That market segment includes such vehicles as the Jaguar XF, BMW 5-Series, and Audi A6. Heavily contested territory.

Maserati also let it be known that they are planning to introduce a successor to the Quattroporte luxury sports sedan. The new Quattroporte will be marketed and priced closer to cars like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7-Series.

Source: Car Scoop

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