Dinan BMW M3’s With 527HP

Dinan has been doing “things” with BMWs for as long as I can recall. They are sort of the American answer to all those German BMW tuners that seem like a plague upon the world at times. And by “things”, I mean making BMWs faster, more capable, faster, better handling, faster, stop harder, and faster. Did I mention that Dinan makes BMWs faster?

Yeah, anyway, in this case, they did it the old hot rod way, and put in a stroker motor into the latest BMW M3. The bottom line is an impressive 527HP. Given the size and weight of an M3, that’s a pretty big number.

Cali-based Dinan has produced what they call the S3-R, and they swapped out the original 4.0 liter V8 plant, and put in bored and stroked to 4.6 liter mill. Like I said, bottom line is 527 naturally aspirated horsepower and 407 lb-ft of grunt. Dinan says that it can crack 200 mph. I’m not going to argue.

The specifics on the bored and stroked 4.6L V8 contain things like a free flow exhaust, high flow throttle bodies, a carbon fiber high flow air intake, underdrive crankshaft pulley kit and a middle racing exhaust.

Dinan has, of course, done up the suspension as well. A “Stage 3 Suspension System” includes such niceties as a performance spring set, matching front bump-stops, 28.5mm front anti-swaybar w/ urethane bushings, front camber plates, rear upper shock mount kit, front guide supports, carbon fiber front strut braces and a racing rear toe link.

Stopping? Dinan has got you covered there as well. There are Dinan/Brembo front & rear brakes with black calipers & slotted rotors.

Dinan offers optional wheels and tires to go along with the bruited up m3. Dinan 19 x 9.5″ lightweight forged wheels up front and Dinan 19 x 10″ lightweight forged wheels out the back. The tires are 275/30-19 Michelin Pilot Sport II and 295/30-19 Michelin Pilot Sport II, front and rear.

Of course there are also some gee-gaw accessories: a Dinan aluminum pedal pad set, Dinan deck lid badge and a Dinan s3 serial numbered plaque.

It even comes with a matching new car warranty coverage up to 4 years/50k miles. Except on “racing” parts.

Source: Car Scoop

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