Lexus Announces the 2010 IS 350C F-Sport Special Edition

Lexus IS 350C F-Sport

Lexus just announced details about the new limited edition IS 350C F-Sport. With only 100 being produced, Lexus pulls a Scion Release Series-type move and makes a few changes to the stock IS 350C Convertible. So, what’s changed?

First up, it’s only available in two colors – Tungsten Pearl and Obsidian (not the cool orange color you see above, sadly.) That’s black and silver, respectively. You’d think being an F-Sport model would allow for some more exciting colors. Next up – it gets new 19-inch alloy wheels with high performance tires. Aesthetically, the IS 350C F-Sport gets a new F-Sport grille, a one-inch lowered ride height, and exterior badging.

Regarding performance – the special edition IS 350C gets firmer brakes, new sport shocks, and a sway bar. You could also consider the lowered ride height in the performance department.

Lexus IS 350C F-Sport rear

Inside, the car gets embroidered floor mats, leather-wrapped shift knob, a numbered badge on the center console, and black leather-trimmed seats with blue stitching. The special edition also gets some options as standard.

Price comes in at $57,500, or $12,610 higher than the base IS 350C. To be one of the 100 folks getting this special edition, give your Lexus dealer a call for delivery later this month.

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