20th Anniversary Edition Mazda MX-5 to Premiere in Geneva


Mazda will be rolling out a special 20th anniversary edition of the beloved MX-5 (nee Miata) at this March’s Geneva Motor Show. Sadly, this will be a European only version, but it’s still worth looking over. The most notable thing about the 20th Anniversary Edition Mazda MX-5 is that the colors harkens back to the first three ever produced.

When Mazda rolled out the Miata to world wide acclaim lo these many years ago, they were available in three colors only: Red, blue and white (silver cam in six months into the first year). Of course, they had fancier names than that: Classic red, Mariner blue (and I want to say) Crystal white (the silver was called Silverstone Metallic).

This time around, we’re treated to True Red, Crystal White Pearl and, for this edition only, the new Aurora Blue. On the inside there is also matching body-color painted decorative elements, a nice touch.


As I mentioned, this will be a European only edition, sadly, and just as sad, Mazda will only be producing 2000 of the little guys for sale in continental dealerships.

The MX-5 20th Anniversary Edition (yeah, that’s its real name) is based on the 1.8-liter model limited edition MX-5. And in addition to the three special colors, you also get a special exterior styling package that includes chrome grille, door handles and headlight fascia. There are also silver-look fog lamp surrounds, unique 17-inch alloy wheels and 20th Anniversary logos (natch). There is also a front suspension bracing bar and a scuff plate in stainless steel with the unique serial number for any given car (from 1 to 2000) to complete the upgrades the rather nice, but cosmetic upgrades.


Still, the MX-5/Miata is one of the best damn sportscars you can get.

So any of our readers in Europe should look into getting one of these. I would. If I lived in Europe.


Source: CarScoop

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