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You knew this was coming, but it sure is nice to see it anyway. Lotus, makers of all things light and fantastic (it would seem) have decided to not only build a race version of their highly anticipated Evora sportscar, but they will also be starting a one make race series for you to run it in.

How thoughtful of them.

There it sits: About as classy as a British sportscar can get these days. Lotus racing green with a yellow stripe, and a gorgeous pinstripe down the flank. How wonderfully traditional.

\”The Evora Cup racing car is the first step along the route for Lotus Motorsport to realize its racing ambitions. I am looking forward to seeing the Evora racing this year in the Lotus Evora Cup competition and I am excited by the plans for 2011, where Lotus intends to introduce a pan European one make race series for the Evora Cup,\” said Claudio Berro, director of Motorsport Group Lotus.

Right out of the box, the Lotus Evora is an extremely competent and nimble car. But this is going to be a serious racer, so Lotus had to rework the street car a bit.

Lotus has taken the standard Toyota V6 plant used in the street version of the Evora and pushed it out to 4.0 liters with an output of 395 horsepower in the racer. The new race plant in the Evora Cup car also has a new dry sump oiling system, a Cima six-speed sequential paddle shift dog gearbox, six-piston calipers and two piece aluminum belled brake discs. Sa-WEET!

You know that for the track, cars are going to have to be lighter, and saying that to engineers at Lotus is like slathering yourself in A-1 and going for a swim in the South Pacific. Just how much did Lotus chew off of the already svelte Evora? How about over 400 pounds through the use of carbon fiber, high-performance parts and the elimination of unwanted materials?

And if you want to, you don’t have to run the Evora in just the Lotus-bestowed cup series. The Evora racer will be eligible to compete in numerous national and international series – with options for endurance and sprint racing, according to Lotus.

Source: Left Lane News

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