Next-Gen Ford Focus – We Finally Get What The World Gets


It seems that for years, Ford has been keeping a lot of good stuff in the European market when they could have been, should have been, actually, bringing it over here. Seems like The Blue Oval boys finally wised up, because the next gen Ford Focus that we will get here, will be, by and large, the same car that will be available in Europe.


The upcoming Ford Focus will be part of global C-segment platform that will account for more than 2 million cars sales annually by 2012, or so Ford predicts. The C-segment platform will comprise up to 10 models and will be developed on the single, highly flexible global platform, which replaces three platforms currently in production. One in four vehicles sold around the world call into the C-segment category, and Ford forecasts that small cars – a combination of B- and C-segments – will soon comprise more than 50 percent of global industry sales volume. Hence, it will be critical for Ford to have a number of viable C-segment autos.

But back to the next gen Focus. For starters, it will feature the company’s new MyFord system, which is sort of a big hardware/software upgrade and partial-renaming of the SYNC system. The MyFord system uses voice commands and intuitive controls to better connect drivers with personalized vehicle information, entertainment features and vehicle-enhanced Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and PDAs.


“This isn’t a new dashboard or a new instrument cluster or an interior redesign,” said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president, Global Product Development.”MyFord rethinks how information is presented to drivers and how drivers are able to personalize the way they relate to the information or entertainment the car makes available to them. It’s a groundbreaking, intuitive interface that puts tremendous power at the hands of Focus owners.”


The next-generation Focus, which debuts today is Ford’s first truly global product. It was created under its ONE Ford approach. The next-generation Focus also marks the first worldwide application of a new ford global DNA that will help the company establish a unique visual and driving appeal that is consistently recognizable the world over. This Ford global DNA is comprised of specific product attributes that define the character and performance of every vehicle, while providing customers with an unmistakable style and driving experience.

“Our global DNA will ensure that future Fords have the same dynamic and engaging personality – a character that will hit the driver within moments of getting behind the wheel. The new Focus is the perfect expression of this DNA. Consistently applied throughout the world, this will provide customers with a car that is striking to look at, great to sit in and great to drive,” said Derrick Kuzak.


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