GM Recalling Over 20,000 Corvette C6s


Uh-oh! Do you own a C6 Corvette (you lucky swine you)? If you do, you might want to check it with general Motors, or your local dealer, because it looks like GM is issuing a recall for 22,000 of the beasts. Seems there is an issue with the targa top. Specifically, it looks like the targa top panel can come detached, and the, er, well, fly off while the car is at speed.

Yeah, I know, sounds pretty serious, no?

Naturally, this only applies to coupe versions of the American sportscar. So, if you own a targa version Chevrolet Corvette Coupes from the model years 2005-2007 or if you’re even luckier and own a Corvette Z06s with the targa option from the 2005-2006 model years, there could (and the emphasis is on could here) be an issue with a detachable roof panel. The general is recalling approximately 20,090 Vettes over a problem with the top.

According to NHTSA, (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the adhesive (i.e. what engineers call “glue”) between the roof panel and the frame may come un-stuck. It looks like there are two kinds of failures. The frame/panel bond can come partially unstuck, which means the drivers could notice one or more symptoms, like a snapping noise when going over bumps, wind noise and poor roof panel fit.

The other, more severe kind of failure means that the targa top may completely detach from the vehicle, meaning … well, jeez, how much of a picture do I have to draw for you, huh?

The official recall should start in January of 2010 according to General Motors. Dealers will install a newly designed roof panel free of charge.

For more information, owners can contact Chevrolet at 1-800-630-2438 or at

Source: CarScoop

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