Ford EcoBoost 1934 Hot Rod At SEMA


Dropping a new mill into and old car has been going on since the new models first started rolling out more than a hundred years ago. Shoot, that’s what made the hot rod craze what it is when it started back in the 1950s. But here’s a modern take on the hot rod, literally. FoMoCo decided to up and drop its latest 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 into a 1934 Hot Rod and show it off at SEMA. Sweet!


What we’re talking about here is a ’34 3-window coupe that Ford commissioned form an outfit called Detroit Street Rods. They dropped the new 3.5L EcoBoost V6 under the hood, which makes it the first rear-drive application for the twin-turbocharged engine. Even though it’s a six, rather than the hot rod standard V8, the EcoBoost puts out 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft torque, so it’s not a car to trifled with.


Also, not the engineering involved, especially when it comes to component packaging. The twin Honeywell turbochargers have been relocated to the front of the engine, and there’s a whole host of aluminum tubing routing incoming air and outgoing exhaust, and it all ends up in a single, large conical exhaust that exits high above the front fender on each side of the coupe. Bitchin’, huh?


“EcoBoost technology shows that there is a viable replacement for displacement. As consumers’ demand for fuel efficiency continues to grow, and our commitment to delivering best-in-class fuel economy remains steadfast, it’s important to show that performance does not need to suffer as a result,” said Dan Kapp, director of Ford Powertrain Research and Advanced Engineering, at a “Driving Green” technology briefing before the car was rolled out at SEMA.

Said John Waraniak, SEMA vice president of Vehicle Technology. “Hot rod builds provide blank canvases for SEMA member companies and SEMA is uniquely positioned to demonstrate that horsepower and green power can coexist without sacrificing performance or the cool factor. This ’34 EcoBoost hot rod is a fantastic example of modern green technology being applied in a manner that any performance enthusiast would love.”

“The beauty of EcoBoost is that it enables us to downsize for fuel efficiency, yet boost for power,” said Kapp. “We’re able to decrease the size of the available engine – such as installing a V-6 versus a V-8 – yet boost the power using turbocharging to deliver similar power and torque to that larger engine.”


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