VW Launches All-New 2010 GTI on the iPhone


To launch the all-new 2010 GTI, VW teamed up with Firemint, the creators of the excellent iPhone racing game Real Racing to produce a free game based off of Real Racing, but with the 2010 GTI the only drivable car. The game is available worldwide in the iTunes App Store.

Play the game regularly and you could win a customized GTI MkVI. VW will be giving away six of these cars, one per week, to players of the game. The customized version of the 2010 GTI includes a performance tuned suspension, all-new 18-inch wheels, and special interior touches including carbon fiber-look trim, a numbered dash plaque, and unique stitching in the front headrests.


The 2010 VW GTI sports a 2.0T 200hp four-cylinder engine with a six-speed auto or manual gearbox and a completely redesigned exterior with plenty of interior changes. I personally like the looks of the 2009 GTI better, but the other improvements for 2010 make up for it.

This is a great way to get the word out about this car, since iPhone owners and racing game lovers are the perfect market for the $23,000 compact hatchback. Tim Ellis, Vice President of Marketing, Volkswagen of America, Inc, said “The GTI customer is a tech-savvy consumer who enjoys social networking, playing games and spending time on mobile devices – most often an iPhone. Launching the all-new 2010 GTI via the Real Racing GTI App allows us to connect with this savvy GTI consumer within his or her everyday life in a way that no 30-second spot ever could.” I couldn’t agree more.

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