Huet Brothers Special


This is surprising to see in the year 2009: A limited production run sport special.

In this case, it’s a smart little roadster called the Huet Brothers Special. The Huet Brothers are a pair of Dutch brothers who, in addition to making this special, also run classic rallies and tours across Europe, so it’s pretty obvious these guys know what classic touring is, and what the right car for the job would be.

The Huet Brothers Special is, of all things, based on Triumph TR6 mechanicals, I guess that’s to keep you in touch with “adventure” of older sports cars (i.e. mechanical troubles on the road). The body panels are carbon-fiber and aluminum, which keeps the weight down to just 750 kg (1650 lbs). Sa-WEET! The TR mill, a simple inline-six engine, puts out a modest 180 horsepower. But hey, when you’re moving only 1600 pounds, that’ll be enough.

The Huet Brothers understand that huge amounts of raw power, although fun, is not necessary for a really fun and enjoyable on the road experience. It’s the same line of engineering thought perused with great success by people like Colin Chapman, the designers at Abarth and the engineers behind the Mazda Miata.

A lightweight car, a coastal road, the music played by your right foot and no particular place to go?


Lot’s more pretty shots after the jump.

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