Chevy El Camaro

El Camaro

As a tribute to our favorite car/truck coupe-utility ugly-mobile – the Chevy El Camino, a clever Photoshop guru at the Streetfire forums has rendered an El Camaro. Based off the new 2010 Chevy Camaro, the El Camaro would give the (admittedly very few) customers muscle-car characteristics of the 2010 Camaro, while still offering the flat-bed hauling power of a truck.

The Photoshop-Jedi responsible for this cool idea created several variations on this concept. Follow the jump to see them all:

Chevy El Camaro

Chevy El Camaro

Chevy El Camaro

Chevy El Camaro SS

Chevy El Camaro SS lowered

Chevy El Camaro SS lowered kit

Chevy El Camaro racing

Chevy El Camaro

Chevy El Camaro

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  1. mike says:

    this looks like a nice model to me cant wait to get one on the streets

  2. chevy truck says:

    What is designed in Photoshop should be done as a mock up first before advertising since it might not be able to do that. We should be careful.

  3. monster truck toys says:

    I like orange color from picture 3#

  4. UN-Wheelie-EST says:

    I love my Z-71 but yes I would trade it in for this!

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