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Tony Borroz grew up in a sportscar oriented family, but sadly, it was British cars. His knuckles still show the marks of slipped Whitworth sockets, strains to reach upper rear shock bushings on Triumphs, and slight burn marks from dealing with Lucas Electric “systems.” He has written for a variety of car magazines and websites, Automoblog chief among them. Tony has worked on popular driving games as a content expert, in addition to working for aerospace companies, software giants, and as a movie stuntman. He currently lives in a secure, undisclosed location in the American southwestern desert.

2 Comments on "V12 Miata"

  1. Greg Martin

    While it may have thrown off weight balance a bit, that's a badass swap for sure. I'm digging the carbon dash and center stack as well.

    ITB's on a Jag V12 makes me giggle.

    Reminds me of the Monster Miatas a bit.

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