Mitsubishi Bails On Detroit Auto Show

mitsubishi logoOh man, there goes another one. We can add Mitsubishi to the already alarmingly long list of automakers that are not going to the next Detroit International Auto Show. Currently, the list includes Porsche, Suzuki, Ferrari, Land Rover and Rolls-Royce, and Nissan, and now, add to that Mitsubishi.

Now, Mitsubishi isn’t the biggest player, actually, not even the player that it once was. At the moment, they have only 5 models (I believe) in the North American market. So Mitsu pulling out isn’t a really really huge blow, but still … it makes you wonder, doesn’t it. Especially when you notice that Nissan (!) has also pulled out.

Now, a lot of these companies aren’t ditching ALL US auto shows, just Detroit. Indeed, a lot of them are putting more emphasis on the Los Angeles Show. So to me, this isn’t a dis to the NA market as a whole, just more of a shot across the bow of the once proud USS Detroit; flagship of the U.S. auto industry.

If the past few weeks haven’t pointed out just how shaky the ground that GM, Ford and Chrysler is standing on (the begging to congress, the plummeting sales figures, the idling of plants etc. etc. and sadly, etc.), then the fact that Porsche, Suzuki, Ferrari, Land Rover and Rolls-Royce, and Nissan, and Mitsubishi announcements just punctuates the instability.

OK guys, you SAY that you make the best cars in the world; you SAY that the American auto worker is the best in the world … well dammit, you better start making good on those statements, and right fast.

Source: AutoBlog

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  1. Car Tuning says:

    It seems that this year's Detroit Auto show could be pretty empty. Maybe it's because automakers are cutting budgets with this economic crysis…

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