Chevy Traverse Named SEAMO 2009 Family Car of the Year

2009 Chevy Traverse LTZ

The South East Automotive Media Organization (SEAMO) has selected the Chevy Traverse as the 2009 Family Car of the Year. The voting took place at the group’s seventh annual “Ride and Drive” event, where the media drove a total of 21 cars and casted their vote for the most family-friendly. The cars were rated in eight categories: Safety, Capacity, Accessibility, Value, Amenities, Ergonomics, NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness,) and finally Styling.

The award was given at the 2008 Charlotte Auto Show, which took place in Charlotte, NC recently. “The Chevy Traverse being awarded SEAMO’s Family Car of the Year is fitting,” said Tim Groves, Chevy Zone Manager. “The first crossover in the Chevy family was designed with innovative safety features as well as the ultimate finctionality needed to accommodate virtually ever lifestyle – particularly families.”

Congrats to the GM folks for getting it right – the Chevy Traverse is a stylish crossover which came at the right time, and provides good value to a budget-conscious consumer base..

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