Redesigned 2010 Ford Mustang to Appear on NBC’s “Knight Rider”

2010 Ford Mustang front
2010 Ford Mustang

The newly redesigned 2010 Mustang will be shown on the TV show “Knight Rider” tomorrow at 8 PM Eastern, coinciding with the LA Auto Show. Currently, the Shelby GT500KR is the new version of KITT, which sparked quite a bit of (understandable) bitching from long-term Knight Rider fans.

But don’t worry, the new show is terrible. I gave it a chance on the first episode and couldn’t make it through the whole thing.

More pictures of the 2010 Ford Mustang after the jump:

2010 Ford Mustang Wheel

2010 Ford Mustang

2010 Ford Mustang badge

2010 Ford Mustang

2010 Ford Mustang gauges

2010 Ford Mustang taillight

2010 Ford Mustang

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  1. Jeff DeYoung says:

    I don't know about anyone else but I think the new car is better than the one that has been on the show so far. It is not quite as bulky as the other one and is getting closer to the original KITT from TOKR.

  2. Chris says:

    It's definitely more modern than the current model, but is starting to stray away from the "retro" design. Which is good or bad, depending on if you like it or not.

    To b e clear, I don't believe the 2010 will be replacing the current GT500KR as KITT, only making some sort of appearance.

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