SEMA 2008: Ugliest Mustang Ever?


You know, when a living, breathing, thinking human being does this to a car, any car, it gets me wondering how we as a species ever managed to dominate the little planet called Earth.

It gets even worse when I realize that said moron has committed a crime of this magnitude to a Mustang….


Rich Evans Designs are the ones who are responsible, and they must be proud of their “Hardcore Knight” because this is the second time SEMA’s exhibits have been defiled by this travesty. What’s worse, this thing is actually for sale, and in “limited edition” as well.


Only 100 Numbered Limited Edition
Rich Evan Designs Hardcore Knights
to be produced,

Then they break the mold!
Get your numbered edition now or get the parts before they disappear.
Rich is only producing 1000 total Kits so Hurry, Click Below to order!

Woe to the individual who befouls God’s green earth with this monstrosity.

Another pic after the jump


Source: Autoblog

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  1. Oh come on it wasn't that bad…. um… ok it was! I like Mustangs but man I didn't even want to take a picture of it.

  2. Chris says:

    You know I'm all about people doing crazy shit to cars and being extreme, but this was just wrong.

  3. dakotamoss says:

    that car sucks so bad my grandma's slug bug could beat it

  4. dakotamoss says:

    if it didnt have the hood scoop than it would be fine

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