SEMA 2008: HKS tunes Hyundai Genesis Coupe


Hyundai is experiencing something of a revolution nowadays, because for the first time, the Korean manufacturer has made an attempt at sportiness and have come up with a winning formula.

Meaning lots of people like the car. There are several aftermarket companies competing with one another in the form of their Genesis Coupes, HKS is one of them.

Starting off a 2.0 liter turbocharged Coupe, HKS added a GT2835R turbo upgrade, a stainless tubular manifold, a custom intercooler, carbon fiber air box and exhaust, and a sequential blow off valve. A HKS Hipermax III coilover suspension upgrades, and a complete and functional aerodynamic body kit designed by Ken Style complete this aftermarket attempt by HKS to make the Genesis Coupe a worthy choice for tuner mavens.

Another pic after the jump:


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  1. iSpec says:

    Hotttt!!!! This'll change Hoon-days rep 4evah!

  2. Chris says:

    The Hyundai Genesis Coupe is a winner. Gorgeous styling (although the Tiburon was good looking too.) Where the Genesis isn't like the Tiburon however, is that it won't be underpowered (hopefully,) and assuming the price point is right, I'm sure they'll sell bundles of these. The aftermarket is already there. Give it some decent fuel economy (again, unlike the Tiburon,) and they'll have a huge market base.

  3. This is a good overview of the HKS car. Unfortunately no HP numbers were given on the car just estimates. If you guys want to see more pics of the HKS car feel free to swing by our SEMA forum:… and for all of the other Hyundai SEMA cars:

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