Live at SEMA 2008: RMC Scorpion

RMC Scorpion

Remember the RMC Scorpion Concept from a few months ago? It’s no longer a concept.

A working model of this hydrogen hybrid supercar debuted at SEMA last week, and it’s breathtaking in person. This curvaceous beauty was covered in a red/orange pearlescent paint sitting below a large tent which made it nearly impossible to get a good picture.

Adrian Pylypec, VP of Sales & Marketing for Ronn Motor Company (RMC) assured me that this Scorpion is a running version, and seemed very proud that RMC broke the typical concept car mold in that their concept car IS the production car. No extreme design concepts, then taming back the production version.

RMC Scorpion

The RMC Scorpion uses a Hydrogen On-Demand (HOD) fuel injection system which takes plain tap water and converts it into hydrogen on the spot. The hydrogen gas is then injected into the fuel system, helping burn fuel at a much more efficient rate. The expected highway fuel economy for the RMC Scorpion is rated around 40 mpg.

The hand-built body is made from carbon fiber, sitting on a completely unique chrome-moly chassis developed exclusively for the Scorpion. The gasoline engine will be the same 3.5 liter V6 powerplant used in the 2008 Acura TL Type-S. With the twin-turbo option and the HOD system, the RMC Scorpion will be able to produce around 450 horsepower. When’s the last time you heard of a 450 HP car getting 40 mpg?

Look for a full write-up on the RMC Scorpion in the near future.

RMC Scorpion

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  1. Tony says:

    Interesting car, but that last time I saw a color like that, it was on a Hot Wheel.

  2. Thanatos says:

    Hey, i love that color i would be interested to get your color specs mailed to me or a way to contact the car owner(s), im looking at something very similar color wise to get it applied to an IS F

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