Live at SEMA 2008: First Impressions

SEMA 2008

Well, we landed in Las Vegas on Monday – the day before the opening of SEMA 2008. Yesterday was the opening day, and was overwhelming to say the least.

After the New Product Awards breakfast early in the morning, the doors opened and we headed our way down to the Flowmaster booth and met world-renowned automotive designer Chip Foose, also responsible for designing the vehicles on the hit TV show Overhaulin\’.

Walking our way across the Convention Center, we get a good idea about how huge this place really is. Booth after booth, some displays are simple, and some extravagant.

The SEMA 2008 official vehicle is the new Chevy Camaro, but I would have sworn it\’s the Nissan GT-R. It seems like every other booth has a GT-R decked out and customized with their parts and accessories.

Yesterday we covered the South Hall, which is mostly wheels and tires. We will have an article on that very soon.

Keep an eye out for more live SEMA coverage right here on as it happens.

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  1. Yeah it's hard to believe but the SEMA show went and came so fast! We're already planning for next year's event. So much stuff to see and so little time.

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