New Renderings of the Pagani Zonda R


Wow, would you take a look at that.

These recently released renderings of the über Zonda R supercar are stroke-inducing, simply because the thought of owning one of these insane beasts sends the blood rocketing and pulsing through the brain. Just looking at that full carbon fiber body is causing my temples to pulse.

Well, maybe they’re not stroke-inducing, but ya gotta admit: that looks pretty damn nice. Maybe “nice” isn’t the right word. I’m thinking more along the lines of “pretty damn extreme”. I really like how Pagani is innovative and original with their designs, they aren’t copying anyone yet they can come up with something that knocks the socks off of most everything else. That’s the way car design should be, where every sketch is painfully original. Too many manufacturers these days are afraid of bold designs, so they stick with mimicking and not straying from the safe design path.

More info and pictures after the jump.

Source: Autoblog


Some more Zonda R info: it will supposedly be limited to only 10 examples, each costing around two million euros. Though it looks quite similar to the Zonda F, the R will share only 10% of the F’s content. Power will supposedly be supplied by a 6 liter AMG-sourced V12 behemoth.

So what do these pictures mean? Nothing really, save for the fact that this proves the Zonda R is one step closer to production. And remember: the Zonda R is supposed to be the craziest Pagani yet, meaning it will most likely not be street legal. I know, my heart cracked when I found that out too. The upside of that is the Zonda R’s performance will be completely beastly. Too bad you won’t be able to see one on the road.



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