How to Blow Up an Engine

So a good friend of mine, recently asked, in a group email:

“Tony tells the story (and better than me) of how at an auto gathering, they will take a engine, hang it from a tree or something and then run it full bore until it fries and blows up. I’d love to see that.”

To which I said:

Yeah, that’s known as a Brick-n-Blow in the parlance.

Essentially, you get a car that still runs. Fire it up. Get it idling.
Put a brick (or concrete block) on the gas pedal so it stays floored, and
get out.

Usually there’s a raffle involved.

People guess how long it’ll last, the closest guess wins.

Wins what, I’m not sure, but you DO win.

Usually it lasts a lot longer than you’d think.

It gets real noisy, things like the exhausts work loose, rattle and fall

Then there’s an abrupt CLANK and oil splatters everywhere underneath the

Sometimes there’s a fire.

Always there’s a cheer and much toasting of the event with beer.

Then they drag the remains away, a rock-a-billy band sets up and starts to

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