Overfinch Range Rover, So You Can Show The World Just How Big A Tool You Are

Overfinch Range Rover 1

It would seem, sadly, predictably, that there’s another tuner shop out there that decided to go for the perceived Euro-pimp market. This one goes by the name of Overfinch.

So, not only do they go and make a Range Rover even more idiotic than it already is, they have to go and get all guns-guns-guns with it too.

A ” … specially-crafted gun compartment complete with three sliding drawers for a removable gun case, ammo, and — just to round things out — a crystal stemware set.”

Combine that with great ascetic sense, and you get ” … Aubergine purple with custom bodykit, including custom front and rear bumpers, side skirts, roof spoiler and exhaust tips. Inside it’s all posh in Light Avocado and Cordovan leather with Olive Ash wood trim … ”

Yadda-yadda, and they stroked the mill too, but so what?

All for the paltry sum of $287,000.

And yes, there’s more photos after the jump.

Overfinch Range Rover 2

Overfinch Range Rover 3

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