Ferrari Ditching V12 Engine for V8 in Enzo Replacement

Ferrari Enzo

Rumor has it, Ferrari will be ditching their beloved 600 horsepower V12 engine in their next replacement for the Enzo in 2012. What could possibly take the place of the V12? The same thing that powered the Ferrari F40 so many years ago: an all-new Twin-Turbo V8. A forced induction V8 would save a lot of weight while keeping plenty of power, says Ferrari GT technical director Roberto Fedeli:

“If we do a car with the same weight-to-power ratio as the FXX, then you want to save the maximum weight. The best packaging for that kind of car is an eight-cylinder turbo. That would have to be an all-new V8.”

Apparently, Ferrari’s decision is based on them wanting to reduce their carbon footprint. Whether or not they’re getting pressure from environmentalists or the EU isn’t clear, but if that’s the case it doesn’t make sense to me.

While Ferraris may not get great fuel economy or emissions, there are so few of them on the road in comparison to mass-production cars, the carbon footprint of Ferrari is minuscule. I’d say that the thousands of soccer moms in their fuel-guzzling SUVs and minivans have a much larger impact on emissions than a relatively few Ferrari enthusiasts cruising on the weekends.

Source: PistonHeads

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