Need for Speed: Carbon for the Playstation 3

Well it was my birthday last week and I was just so lucky to get the Playstation 3 as a gift.Carbon cover for the PS3 It has been my first console I have since I got rid of my Xbox Halo Edition. Well guess what was one of the first games that I had gotten for it? That’s right, you guessed it Need for Speed: Carbon, EA’s latest game in the NFS (Need for Speed) series. The game has been out since November but I just got and for the Playstation 3 nonetheless. Now Egon has a great video of the upcoming game, Need for Speed: Prostreet that can be found here. More information about Prostreet will be released at this year’s E3 Expo. Another game to look for in the future will be Gran Turismo 5 “The real driving simulator”, exclusively for the Playstation 3.

The gameplay for NFS: Carbon is quite interesting and puts a different spin on most racing games. You play as an illegal street racer that has to get his rep back after some crazy events. In the game, the more races you win, the more street credit you gain. There are three tiers to each grouping of cars, the categories for cars to choose are Muscle, Tuner and Exotic. You also use crew members during races to assist you in winning the race. The crew members are split up into 3 groups as well, they are Blockers, Scouts and Drafters. I would say that all in all this is a fun game to play but there are some cons to the game. One thing is it is a very short game, all you need is 7 hours to complete the game. Some might argue that the car controls are not realistic. There is no use of the sixaxis capabilities in the game (which is a good thing, in my opinion).

Some of the pros in the game are the following. The auto-sculpt feature is really cool, you can take bumpers, side skirts, rear bumper, hoods,Beautiful graphics spoilers and wheels and modify one component to a unique style. The slow down button, makes the game feel all Matrix like. The Playstation 3’s graphics and HD rendering makes the game look amazing.

So far I have had tons of fun with NFS: Carbon and would definitely suggest it to any gamer that is a car nut. I can’t wait to see what NFS: ProStreet is going to be like but if it’s anything like Carbon it will be a good game to pickup. On a side note, another Playstation 3 game I can’t wait to be released is Gran Turismo. You may want to Google it and see what one of the most realistic driving games has in store for the Playstation 3.

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