Lightning GT Electric Supercar

Lightning GT

Even though it looks like a warped TVR, the Lightning GT Electric Supercar might prove itself to be a Tesla Roadster on steroids. With 700 horsepower, there will be three models available: a luxury version, a sports version, and an extended range version. The lightweight sports model will run from 0-60 in less than 4 seconds.

The GT will only be available in the UK starting in 2008, but if the company does well you can eventually expect them to make it to the States. At $300,000 though, you might want to stick with the Tesla Roadster for now.

We see these brand new car companies doing very well at creating these awesome, fast, rear-wheel-drive electric supercars, but when will we see a company create a practical, family-oriented electric car? While I wouldn’t want one, it would be nice to see this electric car trend take off. After that, I’m sure more companies would take it seriously and start making more similar models available. Personally, I would buy one of these electric sports cars if they were more reasonably priced. As long as I still have my loud, gas-guzzling car, that is.

Chris Burdick

Chris Burdick

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  • Adam

    I like the car and the style, but what kind of car is it?

  • egon

    Not sure what you mean, Adam. The company is "Lightning" and the model is "GT." It's the only car they have available so far.

  • Ant1, Malta

    Hey its cool.. its quick.. But where is the vroom???

  • Egon

    Exactly Ant1, that's one problem with electric cars. You have to decide if it's worth the sacrifice. For many it's not, for some it is.

  • Faxe Kondi

    Only wankers think that noise equals power!

    Try to think 'Swooooosh' like a silent lightning : )