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TVR Cerbera Speed 12 – Awesome Find on eBay

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“Producing 850bhp through a 7.7 litre V12, the cars’ acceleration defies belief; especially, as it weighs-in at less than 1000kg.”

TVR Cerbera Speed 12

Now is your chance to own the only road registered TVR Cerbera Speed 12 around. You better hurry though, there are only 2 days left of the auction at the time of writing this article. Peter Wheeler, owner of TVR until 2004, took the car home only to return it saying it wasn’t drivable on the street due to its powerful engine and production was soon halted. This “McLaren F1 Killer” around 880 horsepower sitting in it’s 1000kg frame, and it’s top speed is estimated to be around 240 mph.

The seller bought this car in late 2003 in non-working condition, and with the help of TVR and his race engineers, rebuilt the whole thing over the course of two years. He also claims to have lowered the weight further by using carbon fiber and titanium.

TVR Cerbera Speed 12

“TVR built just 5 Cerbera Speed 12’s – four were racing cars and one was a road car. The car was designed to not only race in the British GT championship of the late 1990’s but also to compete directly with the definitive hyper-car of the time – the McLaren F1 road car. The then owner of TVR and mastermind of the project, Peter Wheeler, realised that to improve upon the performance of the F1 the car would have to be both lighter and more powerful – this they succeeded in achieving by designing the monster that we have today. Sadly, after careful consideration TVR dropped the concept, as it was considered that the car was just too powerful and dangerously fast to be sold to the general public and retracted the many orders that had already been received. The four race cars had their time and there the story ended.”

No doubt the fate of this beast will see it either sitting in a garage or museum it’s whole life, or wrapped around a tree or phone poll like so many poor Enzos of recent day.

TVR Cerbera Speed 12 eBay Auction – Link no longer valid

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  1. Demonblade says:

    Amazing. What a beautiful yet evil/predatory looking machine. TVR isn't an extremely well known car company, but this car is proof that they sure know how to make one hell of a car. It's a shame that they only made five Cerbera Speed 12s and decided to drop the whole thing, as this beast could really contend with the top brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini if it ever entered production.

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