Nissan 350Z Inspired by Aston Martin – Tuned by DAMD

Do you like Aston Martins but don’t have the cash? Thinking about getting a Nissan 350Z? Well, we may have your answer. DAMD, the same tuners who brought you the Miata – Aston Martin look-alike have a tuned Nissan 350Z.


The body design was obviously inspired by Aston Martin, and DAMD threw in scissor doors, a beautiful interior, a tuned exhaust, and DAMD’s own custom rims. Click on the pictures below for a better view:

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  • Christopher Radcliff

    Holy S**t that is the most amazing piece of work i have ever seen.I can't get my jaw off the ground.

  • kris

    that is realy grate. where can i get one?

  • Demonblade

    What a pathetic creation. The Nissan 350Z wasn't a great car, but it was an okay sports car, but by making it a wannabe Aston destroyed it. What a horrible idea. They should have just made it a really tricked out tuner, but by doing this…I'm disgusted. What losers.

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