912 hp Porsche Carrera GT – by 9ff

German tuner 9ff plans to modify the Porsche Carrera GT to push out over 900 hp by the use of twin-turbos as well as other methods listed below. This will put the Carrera GT in Bugatti Veyron range, but will not quite hit it’s numbers in terms of power. It does however weigh much less than the Veyron (3043 lbs. opposed to 4162 lbs. for the Veyron,) so performance numbers could theoretically be better than the Bugatti.

9ff Porsche Carrera GT

As far as styling goes, the concept shown doesn’t really do much for me. It certainly doesn’t proclaim it has 912 horsepower. A quick list of enhancements include a sound-adjustable full exhaust system, (minimal) aerodynamic styling, twin-turbos, upgraded exhaust manifolds and camshafts, new air intake, ECU upgrade, and 19″ wheels.

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  • George Manolov

    what a supercar. I hated Porsche.They always looked ugly to me except a few older lemans cars. But since porsche developed carrera gt there is not doubt in my mind that that is probably one of the most balanced and elegant cars out there- design and performance. And now even more alot more horse power. there will be no equal no doubth about it. that's some serious stuff. this might be the ultimete car.

  • Kai

    I personally love this car. It is just, well one of the nicest ars I have seen from Porsche since the Carrera S.

  • http://www.automoblog.net/ Demonblade

    I have never liked Porsches at all, except for the Carrera GT. This modification makes it even better. However, the Gemballa GT still looks better.