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I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say “You lucky bastards.” The folks from AutoBlog were recently invited to test the Koenigsegg CCX, now available in the USA (but only in Las Vegas.) If I had an extra $700,000, you better believe this car would be at the top of my list to buy.

“The car is a beast on paper. Capable of returning us to Southern California from Las Vegas in exactly one hour at its claimed top speed, we aren’t really sure how they had decided to let us drive it. But drive it we did. And boy oh boy did we enjoy our seat time. Racer Justin Bell helped us learn the track and the specifics about what to expect once it was our turn behind the wheel. 800 horsepower and nearly 700 pounds of torque are nothing to be toyed with, especially when there are no electron-inspired safety nets in place. But from the way he made it sound, this would be a cakewalk.”

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