Spy Video of the 2008 McLaren Dodge Viper

2008 Dodge Viper

A while back in June, I showed you the original spy shots and specifications of the 2008 McLaren-Tuned Dodge Viper, and later explained in an update that “the 2007 model year will be skipped, and it will return in 2008; starting production in January 2007. The Viper will have an exterior facelift and contain a McLaren tuned 8.4L V10 shown in the ASC Diamondback Viper. We can expect it to output anywhere from 600 to 650 hp, hopefully more, and run 0-60 in about 3.5 seconds.”

Dodge Viper Diamondback

Spy photographer Brenda Priddy shows us a video on the site StreetFire.net of the 2008 Viper being tested. Sadly, they don’t do anything cool with it. No burnout, not even hard acceleration. Plus, it dies on them and they have to push it. Funny stuff. Anyway, I guess there still isn’t very much more information regarding it, other than what I previously reported. Check out the video here:

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